Knowledge management

We develop Knowledge Management Solutions based on the free tools Mediawiki and Semantic Mediawiki.

These tools run the Wikipedia websites and other projects.

Have a look at this taekwondo school in Belgium, running Mediawiki and Semantic Mediawiki in a 3-languages environment. Unlike Wikipedia, all languages are located on the same instance and not on different servers.

i-City has asked us to develop their technical documentation knowledge website from scratch. It did include around 2000 documents spread over hundreds of folders, making it difficult and time consuming for techniciens to retrieve and update the information. Our solution includes Active Directory login, specific security reserved areas for documents, part of documents, a visual editor, a bpmn editor, … and is multi-lingual ready. We have also deployed a knowledge tests for their users. They do have around 60 editors today and 300 users using the solution. According to the project’s sponsor, they estimate having gained around 700 hours searching for information.