Knowledge Management strategy services

  • Assessment & Benchmarking :
    Knowledge management is a change process, and the first step in the change is to determine the current status – to see what is already being done, what works well, where the barriers and gaps are, and where the strengths are.
  • Accreditation :
    There is no international standard for KM, Micylou has a simple robust and business-focused model, regardless of size, sector or technology framework.
  • Knowledge scan :
    Not all knowledge is of equal value. A Knowledge Scan high-grades the knowledge topics in most need of attention.
  • Strategy :
    Implementing Knowledge Management should be done in the context of an agreed Knowledge Management Strategy that is aligned with the current business approaches, is targeted on the right problems, and is coordinated with other existing change initiatives.
  • Retention strategy :
    The risk posed by an ageing workforce is a huge issue for many industries. As experienced staff retire or is fired, so critical knowledge will leave with them, which can leave the company highly exposed. A Knowledge Retention Strategy is an approach to reducing this risk.
  • Framework :
    As Knowledge Management has evolved over the last two decades, the need for an integrated Knowledge Management framework has become apparent. With a Management Framework, KM can take on the aspects of other management systems, and be made part of normal business, rather than relying on a disparate set of tools.
    A strong KM framework is vital for the success of Knowledge Management; as follows
    • With no accountabilities, it is nobody’s job.
    • With no processes, nobody knows how.
    • With no technology, nobody has the tools.
    • With no governance, nobody sees the point.
  • Management valuation :
    Why is it important to understand the business value of Knowledge Management? The answer is a simple one – if you understand the value, you understand how much you can justify investing. A correct understanding of the potential value is an important component of your Knowledge Management Strategy.
  • Knowledge management policy :
    In the later stages of implementing Knowledge Management you should develop a KM policy which sets the expected level of KM-related activities and behaviours for all staff and forms the cornerstone for KM governance.
  • Knowledge management governance :
    Governance is frequently the missing element in Knowledge management. Those companies most successful in the field, are very often those where Knowledge Management is fully embedded, with a clear governance system.

When you are building your store of explicit knowledge for the organisation, you need to make it clear how much validity your documentation has. Knowledge comes in different levels of trust, and you need to make it clear to the reader what level applies to all documentation. There are three main levels;

1. Mandatory, or Must Do . This is the level of company standards, and everybody reading this particular process documentation needs to be very clear that they need to follow exactly what s written. If there is a major problem, they need to get in touch with the process owner and discuss it with them, but that the default should be to follow this documentation exactly.

2. Advisory, or Should Do . This is the level of best practices, and everybody reading this particular process documentation needs to be clear that this is the best way to approach this particular process, based on current company knowledge. However there is always the possibility to improve on best practice, and if somebody can find an even better way, then that s great. So Advisory process is advised, but not compulsory. However if people ignore advisory knowledge and things go wrong, some awkward questions may be asked.

3. Suggested, or Could Do . This is the level of good ideas or good practices that others in the organisation have used, which the reader should feel free to reuse or re-adapt to his or her own context. These good ideas can still save the reader a lot of time and effort, but there is no real requirement to copy them.