Technology has long been an enabler for Knowledge Management. Technology alone cannot deliver successful knowledge management, but knowledge management in any but the smallest organisation will need technology.

5 major types of technology :

  1. Communication
    1. QA communauty forums
    2. Expert forums
    3. Blogs
    4. Video, telephone, email, …
  2. Capture
    1. Digital video and audio
    2. System
    3. Team blogs
    4. Wikis
    5. Lessons mgt system
  3. Internalise
    1. Search
    2. El_earning
    3. RSS
    4. Communauty blogs
  4. Organise
    1. Wiki
    2. Portal
    3. Sharepoint
    4. Lessons mgt system
  5. Cultural / social network

We have specialised in building all required components using a combination of Mediawiki and Semantic Mediawiki together with Mediawiki extensions and Semantic Extensions on a linux environment. 

All the tools we use are open source and free, which reduces the cost of implementation and maintenance. We use Long Term Support (LTS) versions only of linux and our solution components.

We also build our solutions so it is easy for you to copy your wiki from one server / domain to another one easily, for example from production to testing.